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Nextera Entertainment LLP has initiated a movement towards India’s first digital media competition series. In these digital entertainments, Nextera is organizing different shows according to different talents like singing, dancing, comedy, rapping, modeling and acting. The Sole motto of NextEra is to bring the all hidden talents into the limelight and expose them to the whole world. We are doing various entertainment activities like singing auditions, rapping auditions, modeling Auditions, dancing Auditions along with so many other types of talent hunt events.

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The melodious voice of contestants Preetika Bhasin (winner), Shivam Rishant Mishra (First runner up), Vaibhav Yadav (Second runner up) and Haseen Warsi (Third runner up) of Sing Dil Se Season 2 was so overwhelming that they left everyone mesmerized and proved that they deserve to be the winners.

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Learn how to break-dance and rule the dance floor.
Learn how to break-dance and rule the dance floor.

Break dancing, likewise known as breaking or b-boying, is a competitive form of road dance. While various in the measure of variety accessible in the dance, break dancing primarily comprises of four sorts of movement: top rock, down rock, control moves, and stops. Break dancing is commonly set to hip-jump, funk, and break beat music, even present day patterns consider…

What to do the day before your singing audition?
What to do the day before your singing audition?

If you want to be the upcoming pop star, or simply need a place in a band, choir or musical industry, having a fruitful singing audition will enable you to accomplish your dream. Such a large number of individuals goes for auditions absolutely not well equipped and basically setting themselves up for disappointment, yet with a small bit of homework,…

Top 5 famous rappers in India & How they started
Top 5 famous rappers in India & How they started

Rapping is a melodic type of vocal conveyance that joins rhyme, musical discourse which is performed or gets repeated in an assortment of ways, normally finished a steady rhythm or melodic accompaniment. The parts of rap incorporate “content” (what is being portray), “stream” (mood, rhyme), and “conveyance” (rhythm, tone). Rap contrasts from talked word verse in that rap is typically…

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