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Nextera Entertainment has initiated a movement towards India’s first digital media competition series. In these digital entertainments, Nextera is organizing different shows according to different talents like singing, dancing, comedy, rapping, modeling and acting. The Sole motto of NextEra is to bring the all hidden talents into the limelight and expose them to the whole world. We are doing various entertainment activities like singing auditions, rapping auditions, modeling Auditions, dancing Auditions along with so many other types of talent hunt events.

Nextera is established in the year 2015 and since then it has been providing personalized auditions throughout the country. We like to do business with approaching each and every client solely and to work with them and gaining an associate understanding of your needs that allows us to provide you super quality in our work. We believe in our participants and respect their decisions. Our target is to provide a quality entertainment, specifically digital entertainment to all our audience worldwide. All the competitions organized by us holds for international level and we provide these shows to digital media directly.

Our main events are categorized according to talents like singing, dancing, comedy, modeling, rapping and acting...

Sing Dil SE (Senior and Junior)

Nach Dil Se (Senior and Junior)

RapStar India

The Indian SuperStar (Senior and Junior)

Sabse Bada Entertainer (for comedians)

Every year we organize different kinds of auditions which are listed above and all these shows are digital entertainment shows. That simply means the shows will be aired through the Internet, especially on our official YouTube channel. For now we are not broadcasting our shows to televisions, but you can say it, India’s First digital media entertainment show. All these shows will be aired on our official YouTube channel and will be exposed to the world by our social media channels. We want all of our contestants to be known to the whole world.

We organize shows, according to different talents, like for people having a passion for singing we organize SING DIL SE event, this show has already completed its 2 seasons and ready to go with the 3rd season. Along with the senior category, we are organizing this event for kids in the junior’s section age group (5-14 years). Similarly, for the people having the talent of dancing, we are organizing Dancing show named as NACH DIL SE. This show is also categorized in the senior and junior category. The winners of the show will get a chance to dance in our official music video produced by Nextera Entertainment.

Along with singing and dancing, we provide a stage to other talents also like rapping, acting and comedy. For comedians, we have launched our brand new show SABSE BADA ENTERTAINER and similarly RAPSTAR INDIA for Rapping talents and THE INDIAN SUPERSTAR for modeling and acting talents. All the winners of the respective shows will win a chance to work with shows, music videos and web series produced by Nextera Entertainment.

We are hiring the most talented judges who have a lot of experience in the relative fields of entertainments. All the judges have capabilities to judge the contestants with fair decisions. Judges are not from the Bollywood industry nor they are any celebrities, but they can judge by their experience in that field. We have not hired celebrity judges because we do believe in investing in thep romotion of our contestants rather than investing a lot of funds on celebrity judges.

Every year we organize auditions for all these shows and make a blockbuster show along with providing our contestants a new name and fame. Every year the auditions are held in various cities throughout the nation. This year all these auditions will be held on 06th of November for all types of shows. We provide a better environment to our contestants and provided them all the help and fulfill their all needs related to the competition.

Sing Dil Se was our first show and till now it has completed over 2 seasons successfully and this year we are taking registrations for season 3. Along with the season 3 of Sing Dil Se, we are starting the new contest for juniors as Sing Dil Se junior. We have received so much love and appreciations from our audiences worldwide and will provide our quality support in an effort to provide you more entertaining shows regularly. Each of these shows will be held in three phases in which the first two will be different kind tests of your talent and skills and the last one of which will be the Grand finale i.e. live concert.

The auditions are held in nearly about all the main cities throughout the nation. All the auditions will be held on 06th of November this year for various shows we organize. The eager contestants can join us by registering themselves on the respective websites of their talent with the small registration fee included. The registration fee is taken just by you to keep the useless crowd away from the audition centers. There is no last date to register on our websites, but the registration lines will be closed automatically when we will get 500 registrations from each city.

We believe in entertaining our audience in as many ways as possible along with helping talented persons to fulfill their passion. We fulfill all the needs and necessities required by our contestants regarding the shows.

In today’s world, everyone is busy with their own work, problems and a busy life so no one is getting spare time to get relax and spend some time for themselves. This is why we are here, our main focus is only to entertain people as much as we can so that we can provide them relax and entertainment from their day to day work.

The main concept of our show is to provide main exposure to the hidden talents which gets compressed in the heart of many people and to bring them into the limelight along with giving a hand to their passion. Our motto is to earn the trust and values along with building a great relationship with our contestants. We promise to work with dedication, honesty and to do hard work to provide high-quality services.

The concept behind our move is to provide entertainment to the people who are lost in their busy schedule of daily tasks. People, now a days are more leaned towards their work and cannot make a step towards relaxation. So we are doing this for them, we are not on TV so you don’t need to wait or move to a specific place to watch us, you can see all our episodes on YouTube and our social channels from anywhere anytime.

Our aim is to earn the trust and values along with building a great relationship with our contestants. We promise to work with dedication, honesty and to do hard work to provide high-quality services. Join us if you want to live your dream, and want to live your passion.




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